Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tom Hanks

for my Jason Seiler Caricature class

Forest Whitaker

Another assignmnet for the Jason Seiler Schoolism class.


Another assignment at Schoolism.

WallStreet Cyclops

Did this for the Nate Wragg ChiuStream interview.

Creepy Mustache Man

Did this long ago for the Stephen Silver Class at


Caricature for Class

Master Studies 3

Another Leyendecker Study.
I love his style.

Jay Leno

Another Assignment for the Jason Seiler Class on

Girl Collage

This was for the Alberto Ruiz Contest on ChiuStream.


This was for one of the first chiustreams.

Ive improved much.

Bunny Girl

This was for the Francisco Herrera Contest in Chiustream.